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of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design

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Local Web Designers

Plank Interactive have been local web designers in the area for over 15 years. One of the benefits of working with a local web design company is that they know the local market and customers. It is often times absolutely crucial that you hire an agency that understands how to work with your local market to create a website and digital marketing strategy that will be most effective for your company. Many times the downside to hiring an agency far way from your local market is that they are only able to work in generalities.

Working with local web designers also allows you to schedule physical face to face meetings to go over goals, strategies, and edits. Local proximity ensures easy access when your company needs helps.

Whether you seek a small 3-4 page business web site, or one that is much larger, we can handle it. When you have us design a site for you, not only will it look professional and graphically appealing, but will also be built to be search engine friendly to help your site rank well for your related keywords.

Contact us today to find out why we are one of the area’s leading local web designers.

We love hearing from new clients! If you would like to discuss a new project you have in mind, we encourage you to call our Sales Team at 843-252-0085 M-F 8 am - 5 pm. We often can give you a free custom quote during the call.

If you prefer to schedule a free Discovery Call to discuss your project (and receive a free quote), or for general inquiries, please use the submission form below:

Components of Effective Local Web Designers

Visual Appeal

Your visitor’s first impression will influence and determine whether he/she decides to stay or move on. Needless to say, a poor first impression will mean you have lost an opportunity to communicate your message and potentially win a new customer.

Easy To Navigate

A good first impression can only be made with a professional and well-designed website that is easy to navigate and does a good job of communicating your message. A website like this will gain your customer’s’ trust, lead them to return over and over again and even recommend it by word-of-mouth.

Effective Communication

The online community is now an interconnected, global web that serves as a platform for communicating your idea and mission to the world. However, in order to be effective, it’s important to communicate your message well and make sure your website is designed in a way that communicates quickly and creatively.

Modern Technology

With site visitors reaching your web site from a multitude of devices, it is critical to employ technology that allows your site to display in an effective and readable manner no matter what device is being used.

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